Is this another fork of that other card game?

Sample Card: My secure login uses the undying hopelessness of our profession

No! Certainly not. We like to say, "It's like Cards Against Humanity -- but for infosec". It was also inspired by Jaded Aid and way too many gin-tonics. In fact, you should probably buy those and shuffle these in for extra fun.

Test Drive

Play online!

Head over to Massive Decks and use Deck Code 06QRZ. You, uh, have to have at least 2 other friends tho

Like it?

Release Notes

Sample Card: A blockchain for _detail-free threat information sharing_

Current Release

> Version Alpha // "High Proof of Rum"

  • NFT Cards!For this dot release, each card has transformed into a digital asset which you for real definitely cannot right click/save as.
  • Fully decentralized, P2P card sharing Yeah, but no, really, Thanks to Many Decks, there's an online version now! Go play with your internet friends deck code is 06QRZ !
  • (No updated actual card deck yet, deal.)

> Version 0.1.5 Alpha // "ICO!" (Initial Card Offering)

  • Blockchain technology The cards are physical "crypto" tokens, mine them all!
  • Bonus Pack cards included! This is a limited edition with extra snarky cards for the non-profit infosec crowd.
  • Container streamlining! (The box should actually work now)
  • Still definitely, for real, not appropriate for production environments.

Roadmap to Version 0.1.6 Alpha (still)

  • Make a checklist
  • The current box can maybe hold 12 more cards.
  • We're probably gonna need a bigger box
  • And then a friggin design for the bigger box
  • …and then 132 more cards to fill it.

Release History

Sample Card: My digital security trainings now only cover _Skype calls to discuss communication security_

> Version 0.1.4 Alpha // "Push to Prod!"

  • We've containerized! (there's a box now)
  • More and better cards -- we dropped some and added better design
  • Still definitely, for real, not appropriate for production environments.

> Version 0.1.3 Alpha // "Look Ma I made a Deck of Cards!"

  • More Cards based on real actual user feedback -- turned out that was important ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Actual Rules (not that you'd follow them anyhow)!
  • Partial RFC1149 Compliance (UDP mode only. Requires use of peanut butter. No Refunds. Field Tested™! )
  • This version also adds blank cards for your own custom artesanal creations -- 0day your friends!
  • Still definitely not appropriate for production environments.

> Version 0.1.2 Pre-Alpha // "Version number basically made up"

  • This initial version is likely to contain bugs, cause crashes, and is not appropriate for production environments. (Note that this won't get better in later releases)
  • Testing so far has consisted of showing people a web mockup over beer, which I am pretty sure is enough for the first public release and/or angel investors, because actual human centered design has no place in security.


Sample Card: My threat model is based entirely on Attribution Dice

What you get:

  • 120 poker-quality cards
  • Instruction card (following instructions is purely optional)
  • 7 blank cards (3 blue, 4 red) to 0day your friends with your own ideas
  • 1 box
  • Snark and deep industry cynicism must be provided by the players
  • A warm feeling knowing that the meager profits will go to a good cause (most likely the whiskey fund for my amazing nonprofit infosec team, but if this goes viral, I'll do something epic and good with it)
  • Buy!

    You probably shouldn't buy these cards yet. Better releases will come soon. Imagine you're living in a pre-post-consumer capitalist wasteland, devastated by information breaches.

    Join the ICO!

  • Pirate

    The cards are CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 licensed, so, uh, ok? You do you? (We keep the dictionary file in the play-online widget up above synced with the cards we print.)

  • Download

    We are still in alpha testing phase. You sure you want that $#!7 on your pristine system?
    Version 0.1.5

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